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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let's Play Music!

I'm so excited to start teaching Let's Play Music classes in just a couple weeks, and I can't believe I haven't even blogged about it yet! The perfectionist in me has kept me from it.

What is Let's Play Music, you ask?

Super fun music classes for young children that get them to love music, read music, sing music, play music, understand music, compose music, and yes, even play the piano, all through fun and games! Or to quote something more official, Let's Play Music is "an exciting, new music curriculum which teaches advanced musical skills to young children using age-appropriate methods." That's what I'm talkin' about!

When I first saw Let's Play Music in action at a Desert Valley Music Teacher's Association Meeting, I fell in love with the program. I have my Grandma Judy to thank for not only teaching me to play the piano, but for inviting me to the meeting where I learned about Let's Play Music. Plus she helped pay for my licensing fees. Thank you, Grandma!

In February I starting training on how to teach the first year's curriculum (by the way, it's a three-year program). I am now a Certified Let's Play Music Teacher! How cool is that? Telling everyone I know who has a 4 to 6-year-old about it (that's the starting age of students), holding Sample Classes, signing up students, and studying has kept me busy. I'm loving it!

Check out the Let's Play Music website to learn more and even watch a video of what it's all about!

For a much more amateur video (taken by Kayla), here's a clip of me singing one of the songs in a Sample Class, "Scotland's Burning". We teach the children Solfeggio hands signs to promote "inner hearing" and to help their brains make the connection between the notes and their places in the scale. The magnet board next to me had just been used for "The Red Balloon" song.


It's so much fun!

Last month I got to attend the Let's Play Music Symposium, where I learned a plethora of information and connected with other teachers. Here are some pictures from it.


Group Picture


My headshot taken by Cherie Mask.


The Let's Play Music advisory board


Watching one of the presentations


Learning more during one of the mini-classes


One of the many tables set up with lots of great teaching helps - this one has semester gift ideas.


A Kit Kat keyboard. Yum!

My parents deserve a thank you for also helping pay my licensing fees. And thanks to my husband and kids for supporting me in this endeavor. Thanks to all the parents who value a music education for their children and have trusted my teaching abilities enough to sign up for one of my classes. It's gonna be great!


The Bunzells said...

What a fun job you have! Good luck with everything-you will be an amazing teacher.

Esther Connolly said...

You look so great in the video Kristi! I admire you so much and know you're going to do a great job! I hope you are still teaching when I have kids old enough to be in you class... so in about 8 years!

Celestia said...

do you have any extra space in a class for Radek? I am getting frustrated because of complications I had after I paid his enrollment and materials fees in with another teacher...I really want him in the program.

Jill Ison said...

I've missed out on every single invitation. I think teaching children music is so wonderful and beneficial. How awesome that you get to do this! We will make it one of these days!